Beverages and Luges

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12 oz Beer Mugs12 oz Beer Mugs

12 oz Beer Mugs

Glove for each mug included

4-cube, 3-tall Cube Luge4-cube, 3-tall Cube Luge

4-cube, 3-tall Cube Luge


4-tall Cube Luge4-tall Cube Luge

4-tall Cube Luge

Includes Graphics (optional)
Size: 10 x 40

Hybrid LugeHybrid Luge

Hybrid Luge

Holds 1 Gallon
Includes Graphics in Blocks
Freeze Graphics in Bowl : $35

Drink Mixer DoubleDrink Mixer Double

Drink Mixer Double


Dice Cube LugeDice Cube Luge

Dice Cube Luge

Size: 20 x 40

Cowboy Boot LugeCowboy Boot Luge

Cowboy Boot Luge

Double LugeDouble Luge

Double Luge

Size: 20 x 40

Mini LugeMini Luge

Mini Luge

Size : 20 x 24
Pick Up Only

Treasure Chest LugeTreasure Chest Luge

Treasure Chest Luge

Size: 30 x 40

Alien LugeAlien Luge

Alien Luge

Size: 40 x 20

Moose Ice LugeMoose Ice Luge

Moose Ice Luge


Flying Pig LugeFlying Pig Luge

Flying Pig Luge

$350 without wings

$400 with wings

Stilleto LugeStilleto Luge

Stilleto Luge

Size: 20 x 36

Tiki LugeTiki Luge

Tiki Luge


Mountain LugeMountain Luge

Mountain Luge

Size: 30 x 30

Blue Moon LugeBlue Moon Luge

Blue Moon Luge

Size: 40 x 20

Bottle LugeBottle Luge

Bottle Luge


Aha Toro Ice LugeAha Toro Ice Luge

Aha Toro Ice Luge


Nebraska Huskers LugeNebraska Huskers Luge

Nebraska Huskers Luge


Jack-O-Lantern LugeJack-O-Lantern Luge

Jack-O-Lantern Luge

Size: 40 x 20

007 Luge007 Luge

007 Luge

Size: 36 x 24

5-foot Martini Glass5-foot Martini Glass

5-foot Martini Glass

Martini Glass with ResevoirMartini Glass with Resevoir

Martini Glass with Resevoir

Holds 1 Gallon
Freeze in Graphics : $35

Starbucks Grande Cold CupStarbucks Grande Cold Cup

Starbucks Grande Cold Cup


Drink Luge with Bottle DisplayDrink Luge with Bottle Display

Drink Luge with Bottle Display

Size: 26 x 30

Belvedere Luge with CaveBelvedere Luge with Cave

Belvedere Luge with Cave

Logo: $350
Cave: $100

Martini BowlMartini Bowl

Martini Bowl

Holds 1 Gallon
Freeze in Graphics : $35

Half Stem Martini GlassHalf Stem Martini Glass

Half Stem Martini Glass

Holds 1 Gallon
Freeze in Graphics : $35

Widmer Big Chill LogoWidmer Big Chill Logo

Widmer Big Chill Logo


Pearl VodkaPearl Vodka

Pearl Vodka


Size: Custom

Airways Beer TapperAirways Beer Tapper

Airways Beer Tapper


Beer Tap Treasure ChestBeer Tap Treasure Chest

Beer Tap Treasure Chest

Size: 40 x 20




Mike’s Hard LemonadeMike’s Hard Lemonade

Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Size: 20 x 40

Hotel Suite Ice Bar / TableHotel Suite Ice Bar / Table

Hotel Suite Ice Bar / Table

Add Logo/Signage: $100

Martini Glass Signature Drink StationMartini Glass Signature Drink Station

Martini Glass Signature Drink Station

Martini Glass : $350
Ice Table : $650
Holds 1 Gallon

Wine GlassWine Glass

Wine Glass

Size: 40 x 20

Jack DanielsJack Daniels

Jack Daniels

Size: 20 x 40



Size: 20 x 40

Bottle Display BarBottle Display Bar

Bottle Display Bar

Size: 20 x 24

Champagne BucketChampagne Bucket

Champagne Bucket

Size: 10 x 10

Unscene Bottle DisplayUnscene Bottle Display

Unscene Bottle Display


3 Bottle Display for Ice Bar3 Bottle Display for Ice Bar

3 Bottle Display for Ice Bar


3 Bottle Champagne Holder3 Bottle Champagne Holder

3 Bottle Champagne Holder

Size: 30 x 20

6 Bottle Wine Display6 Bottle Wine Display

6 Bottle Wine Display


Wine Bottle DisplayWine Bottle Display

Wine Bottle Display

Size: 38 x 20

Caviar & Spirits ShipCaviar & Spirits Ship

Caviar & Spirits Ship

Size: 40 x 20



Add Logo: $100

Dolphin FountainDolphin Fountain

Dolphin Fountain


Made in OregonMade in Oregon

Made in Oregon


Logos in CubesLogos in Cubes

Logos in Cubes

Size: 10″ Cubes

5ft Margarita Glass5ft Margarita Glass

5ft Margarita Glass


‘7’ Tail‘7’ Tail

‘7’ Tail